A Good Deal or Not? Who Will Tell You the Truth about Buying and Selling Wichita Homes?

Larry Lane - Wichita Homes for sale | Agent | RealtorYou see the listings all the time. Price hovering somewhere around “nearly unbelievable” or even lower. Photos look halfway decent. Obviously the house isn’t lived in. Look at all the snow in the driveway, but hey, maybe it’s OK? Should we have a look? You call a brokerage and get either an over eager or underwhelming response.  Is something wrong? Maybe you have a funny feeling for a reason. Maybe you’re just nervous. How will you know?

Larry Lane has a long-standing history of complete 100% honesty and integrity. Larry will put you first– always ahead of the “deal” no matter what. He has proven this in the past too.  Larry has discovered problems with homes before, in the middle of escrow, and pulled the deal to a halt until the problems were resolved. It was no small matter either. Most likely the whole deal was going to fall through costing Larry not just time but money too.

It didn’t matter. First things first. And, Larry’s client was first, always and period.

So, next time you see a “Wichita homes for sale” listing, describing it as a large and generous– beautiful, wonderful home, and a great deal for you… and that funny feeling starts to creep in. There is a reason for that. You need to go into this kind of decision with a realtor that you can trust 100%– not just because you feel like trusting them, but because they have earned 100% of your confidence and trust by demonstrating that same quality and character all the time with all their clients.

Call Larry Lane today- you’ll find out that he always puts your interests first, and nothing else ever matters more to him. 316-636-2323.