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Living in West Wichita is your ticket to the better schools in Maize for Your children, particularly middle school aged students.

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West Wichita an Economic and Educational Strategy | West Wichita KS Real Estate

West wichita Kansas – it’s the “new Wichita”. The homes are new and affordable, The shopping centers are newer too as well as theaters, clubs and community infrastructure. All are recently built, modern and accessible.West Wichita homes are in great neighborhoods that are family centered, The community is especially bneficial for those with younger children and active lifestyles, people in “West Wichita” enjoy quality affordable homes. West Wichita is a community where people are friendly. They take walks and greet their neighbors on the street. West Wichita’s wholesome atmosphere fosters family values.


Accessible Quality Maize Schools

Anyone would want the best schools for their children. West Wichita provides an educational advantage to residents. Their children can attend schools in neighboring Maize and Goddard. Maize middle schools are known for superior ratings. greatschools.net awards Maize South Middle School a score of 9 / 10. Scores are based on federal testing. A former student wrote “Both  middle schools in Maize are exceptional. They each have excellent teachers and administrators.”

West Wichita – Western Center of Growth

This community benefits from a strong commitment of Wichita’s resources to grow, maintain and upscale its infrastructure. Wichita embraces new growth and creation of attractive living environs in its western communities. They strive to attract new businesses and home buyers.

What’s Hot | The “Wild” West Side

Sedgwick County Zoo located in West wichita, is an sampling of the many family attractions centered in West Wichita.
The zoo is open 364 days a year. It features over 2,000 animals and 400 species. The zoo is a major attraction and few other zoos match its diversity. It features geographically themed sections including “Children’s Farms”. This subsection features an African farm. Many rare breeds of animals are found in the Children’s Farms.

Along with the zoo you can visit the butterfly house. Zoo areas are universally accessible (ADA compliant).