Wichita Homes For Sale | Prices Slightly Up But Offset Until Dec 1

Housing prices for Homes for Sale in Wichita are slightly up but we are in a temporary sweet spot for first time buyers who qualify for the $8000 tax credit. This credit expires December 1, 2009 so if a deal isn’t closed by the end of November, it will be less attractive by $8,000.

The tax incentive means a great deal more here in Wichita because our home prices are lower than the national average. Your $8,000 buys a bigger chunk of your home in Wichita.

Who is the Best Wichita real estate agent FOR YOU? • Wichita Homes for Sale

If you’re looking for the agent with the highest number of sales or the name known everywhere they’re easy to find. Is that your best fit? Will the agent you choose spend the time on your home? Are you important enough for them to get top priority?

I’m not a big name and I’m not working dozens of homes at once. I’m going to put your needs first. I’m going to treat your real estate need like my own. Your priority is my priority.

Call me to talk about what you need.

“Larry is excellent to work with! As a single female, I feel like he was always looking out for my best interests. He never pressured me to do anything until I was sure I wanted to sell. I feel like Larry was always honest with me and I could trust his decisions knowing he would always do what was best for me.” – Denise Chapman

Selling or Buying? The Pressure is Off | Wichita Homes for Sale in Wichita and Surrounding areas of Andover, West Wichita, Goddard, Maize


Wichita Homes | The Pressure is Off

We care about your interests and concerns and we always put that first. We always put you first.When you’re thinking about selling your home or about buying one of the  Wichita Homes for Sale, count on the agents who know the community and treat your investment as priority number one. We care about your concerns and that’s more important than anyone else’s timing or sense of how things ought to go. We always put you first. We put you first when you’re selling your Wichita home or Andover home and we put you first when you’re looking for the right home to choose from, we are here to help you.       

…”I found him a completely trust-worthy individual and exceptionally honest. When working with Larry I never wondered who he was working for, I always felt he had my best interest at heart. He gave the feeling that he was more interested in serving our needs than just making a sale.”

Wichita Homes for Sale by Larry Lane and Carol Lane