Wichita Homes For Sale | Prices Slightly Up But Offset Until Dec 1

Housing prices for Homes for Sale in Wichita are slightly up but we are in a temporary sweet spot for first time buyers who qualify for the $8000 tax credit. This credit expires December 1, 2009 so if a deal isn’t closed by the end of November, it will be less attractive by $8,000.

The tax incentive means a great deal more here in Wichita because our home prices are lower than the national average. Your $8,000 buys a bigger chunk of your home in Wichita.

Selling or Buying? The Pressure is Off | Wichita Homes for Sale in Wichita and Surrounding areas of Andover, West Wichita, Goddard, Maize


Wichita Homes | The Pressure is Off

We care about your interests and concerns and we always put that first. We always put you first.When you’re thinking about selling your home or about buying one of the  Wichita Homes for Sale, count on the agents who know the community and treat your investment as priority number one. We care about your concerns and that’s more important than anyone else’s timing or sense of how things ought to go. We always put you first. We put you first when you’re selling your Wichita home or Andover home and we put you first when you’re looking for the right home to choose from, we are here to help you.       

…”I found him a completely trust-worthy individual and exceptionally honest. When working with Larry I never wondered who he was working for, I always felt he had my best interest at heart. He gave the feeling that he was more interested in serving our needs than just making a sale.”

Wichita Homes for Sale by Larry Lane and Carol Lane



Children in Middle School? | Wichita Homes for Sale Near Best Schools


Many people are using the summer months to relocate and are looking for the best schools and communities in their new Wichita home area.

To live in West Wichita means the Better Schools in Maize for Your Family, Particularly middle school aged children.


Get in touch with Larry Lane to find out more about West Wichita, its communities and nearby Maize Schools any time!

West Wichita – a Great Place to Live | West Wichita Real Estate

West wichita – the “new Wichita” Here in West Wichita, homes are generally much newer and always affordable. Shopping centers are newer, theaters, clubs and community infrastructure also are recently built, modern and accessible.

West Wichita homes are located in neighborhoods that are family focused, especially for parents of younger children and anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. People in “West Wichita” enjoy better quality, very affordable homes situated in clean, growing neighborhoods. West Wichita is a community where people take walks and greet one another on clean safe well lit streets. West Wichita has communities where you feel a wholesome atmosphere that fosters family values.

Wichita Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale in Wichita | Trust Prudential | Rely on Larry Lane

Did you know that Wichita is the #2 city in the US on Forbes “Best Cities for Jobs” 2008? Story

That’s why Wichita real estate for sale are the top values in the country! Prices are moderate, wages are quite good and this coupled with a strong family community provides an excellent standard of living to people living in Wichita, Andover, Derby and surrounding areas. Homes for Sale in Wichita can’t be beat!


Table: Best Cities For Jobs In 2008
Matthew Kirdahy 01.10.08, 12:00 PM ET 

1 Salt Lake City, UT 33 2 8 41 8 92
2 Wichita, KS 65 23 5 7 7 107


Wichita, Kan.

Median Household Income Rank: 65
Unemployment Rank: 23 
Income Growth Rank: 5
Cost Of Living Rank: 7 
Job Growth Rank: 7





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West Wichita Homes | Goddard Schools | Goddard School Advantages

Living in West Wichita means the Better Schools in Goddard for Your Family

West Wichita Real Estate | West Wichita Homes | Goddard High School | Goddard Schools

Please contact us any time to find out more about West Wichita and nearby family communities.

Why West Wichita is a Great Place to Live | West Wichita Real Estate

West wichita – it’s the “new Wichita”, where homes are new and affordable, shopping centers are newer, theaters, clubs and community features are recently built and more modern and locally accessible.West Wichita homes are in neighborhoods are family oriented, especially for those with active lifestyles, young children and people who enjoy the affordable quality homes that West Wichita offers. West Wichita has neighborhoods where people take walks and greet their neighbors on the street. West Wichita communities’ wholesome atmosphere fosters family values.

Accessible Quality Goddard Schools | Wichita Homes Near Goddard Schools

Everyone wants the best schools for their children. West Wichita provides the unique opportunity to residents for their children to attend the schools in neighboring Goddard and Maize. These schools are known for their superior ratings and favorability.

West Wichita – a growth center.

This community has enjoyed a strong commitment of Wichita’s resources to grow, maintain and upgrade its infrastructure. Wichita embraces new growth and creation of attractive communities in its western communities to attract new businesses and home buyers.

Coolness in the West Side

The Cosmosphere in West wichita is an sample of family attractions centered in the West of Wichita. 

When entering the lobby you encounter an actual SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane, T-38 training jet and built-to-scale Space Shuttle and that’s just the lobby!

The Cosmosphere also features an IMAX theater (The 12th one built in the US), the Hall of Space Museum and summer space camp.

    What people are saying about West Wichita    

  • of course its just personal opinion, but I think Goddard is pretty great!
  • I know the school system is great.
  • A very nice area to be in. It is growing as is that whole area.