Wichita Homes for Sale at Higher Prices?

You’ve probably heard the news that July home sales were higher than June home sales and that prices on Wichita homes for sale are up. What does this mean? It may mean that buyers, especially first time home buyers sensed that the bottom was reached and they stopped waiting for the right moment to buy and started buying homes. They’re likely right. The lull in interest rates and availability of loans could last a while longer, but it seems, there is no more expectation that financing will get any cheaper and banks seem in no mood to sweeten the deal on any of their inventory by accepting low bids.

Wichita Homes for Sale But For Slightly More | Call Larry Lane For Your Choices

The median price of homes in Wichita for sale went up slightly from April to May from $105,250 to $115,000. Whether the tax credit has contributed to this effect or spring has increased available buyers who have encouraged the market is hard to say, but the value of Wichita homes has always been steady compared to many cities our size.

If you’re looking to sell or buy during this season when prices are good, inventory is still abundant and interest rates are their lowest, call Larry Lane. He will be sure to put your interests first every time.

Wichita Homes For Sale | Prices Slightly Up But Offset Until Dec 1

Housing prices for Homes for Sale in Wichita are slightly up but we are in a temporary sweet spot for first time buyers who qualify for the $8000 tax credit. This credit expires December 1, 2009 so if a deal isn’t closed by the end of November, it will be less attractive by $8,000.

The tax incentive means a great deal more here in Wichita because our home prices are lower than the national average. Your $8,000 buys a bigger chunk of your home in Wichita.